Development, production, and integration of in-house HW and SW within both military and civilian fields. The company produces vetronics such as control and data terminals and diagnostic units, manufactures an autonomous UGV system with machine learning aspects, and develops a complex C6 ISR system.

C6 ISR systems development & integration

Enhancing the commander's situational awareness in a virtual environment​

Tactical commander unit ​

Multifunctional unit supporting the decision-making process ​

Vehicle integration

Own diagnostic unit integrated into military logistic information system

Unmanned vehicle control system based on AI

Autonomous navigation and route planning with machine learning aspects​

Border & area protection ​

Own solution, including optoelectronic systems, detection software, or unmanned vehicles​

JRJ Solutions

Development, production, and integration of in-house HW and SW within both military and civilian fields. The company produces vetronics such as control and data terminals and diagnostic units, manufactures an autonomous UGV system with machine learning aspects, and develops a complex C6 ISR system.

HW & SW integrations

Providing integration of new systems into existing devices

Ammunition & Weapons

Broad range of ammunition from small to large calibres, along with weapons

MRO services

Modernisation, repair and overhaul of land and aerospace equipment

Vehicles & Aircraft

Supplying tanks, IFVs, APCs, MRAPs, helicopters, fighter jets and others

Personal equipment

Complete head-to-toe equipment for law enforcement units


Production of optoelectronic equipment such as day and thermal imaging cameras, night vision and special surveillance systems. Used by soldiers as handheld devices or rifle scopes, integrated into vehicles as reconnaissance and driving assistance systems, or as part of complex stationary observation systems.

Thermal imaging sights

Wide range of monocular and binocular optoelectronic devices

Rifle scopes ​

Powerful shooting using thermal imaging, night vision, or clip-on​

Integration into other systems

Part of proprietary target acquisition and fire control system or detection systems

Night vision devices

From handheld devices, rifle scopes to mountable goggles

Special optoelectronic devices ​

Modular-type optical systems for stationary or vehicular use​


Intelligence security systems for recognition, detection, and identification of face, person, or object based on AI and deep neural networks. The systems automatically process and evaluate input data in real-time or are used for retrospective analysis of large amounts of collected information.

Automated Biometric Identification System

Comparing and evaluating millions of biometric data within seconds

Person identification

Person identification based on a comparison of the photo with the database

Retrospective identification

Ability to retrospectively analyse video recordings in search of people and objects

Intelligent Video Analytics

Monitoring and tracking of people, suspicious objects or license plates

Object, Gun & Pose detection

Alerting to the presence of weapons, suspicious objects or behaviour as part of image analysis


Complete avionics suite based on almost 100 years of know-how in the aerospace industry. Producing digital and analogue instruments and developing embedded software for applications according to the DO-178C standard. A complementary activity is the interconnection of manned and unmanned systems.

EFIS & ESIS displays

Multifunctional instruments displaying all flight data on a single screen

Stores Management System

Launch and greater control of modern, precision-guided weapons


Virtual reality, augmented reality and live simulation

Health & Usage Monitoring System

Collection and analysis of aircraft and engine data during and after flight

Display processor

Flight and navigation instruments connected to aircraft sensors and displaying data on EFIS & ESIS displays


Comprehensive solutions in the field of unmanned aerial systems. Development and production of drones, ground stations, integration of E/O devices, sensors and data links. The company’s capabilities also include designing, prototyping, and producing UAS including its parts according to specific requirements.

TOOR and TAU UAVs ​​

Small unmanned aerial systems with foldable wings and launching tube

Ground Control Station

Ground station enabling mission planning and control of unmanned vehicles​

Anti-drone systems

Protecting the area from drones by jamming their communications and then neutralising them​

Electro-optical sensors ​​

Integration of sensors such as EO/IR cameras, laser sight and pointer or CBRN sensors​

SWARM ability

Swarm capability allows TOOR and TAU drones to cover larger areas in less time


Specialisation in developing, producing, and modernising radio communication and radar systems within the aerospace, defense, engineering and railway industries. Additional capabilities include integration, repair and maintenance of existing equipment or custom production of antenna systems and mechanical parts.

Precision Approach Radar (PAR)​

Improving safety when landing aircraft, even in low visibility

ADS-B antenna system

Aircraft navigation in vast areas without radar coverage​

Radar systems modernisation and integration​

Refurbishment of antenna system and replacement of electronic units​

Surveillance Secondary Radar (SSR)

As a stand-alone device or integration with PSR and ADS-B systems​

Vehicle radio stations​

Communication in the railway digital GSM-R network according to the UIC standards​


Immersive and interactive projects including 3D world design, VR integration, digital previews, flight simulators, and Unreal Engine graphics design. The company‘s core capabilities enable clients to visualize and interact with their projects in a realistic and engaging manner.

3D Design

Stunning and immersive 3D environments enabling a higher level of interaction

VR Integration

Seamless and engaging VR experiences integrated with various devices such as VR goggles

3D Visualization of Battlefields

Real-time situational awareness and decision-making support

3D Virtual Maintenance Training

Enhancing skills and knowledge in a risk-free simulated environment

Flight Simulators

For professional training purposes with the after-flight debriefing process


Streamlining production processes and reducing overheads through industrial automation. More than 30 years of experience in production, assembly, inspection, material flow optimisation and logistics in the enterprise. Producing from single-purpose machines through complex assembly and inspection lines.

Automation of production

Optimising production processes and reducing costs

Pressing of powder mixtures​

Production of automated units in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries

Customised solutions

Customised production of special devices according to customer requirements

Control and production machines for industry

Services for industries such as engineering, automotive, electronics and others

Robotized workplace

Robotization of individual production phases or entire processes


Production automation within the defence industry and the explosive environment under the licence of the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic. Designing machines for the production of explosive parts such as initiators and detonators or ammunition and its components.

Automation of production

Optimising production processes and reducing costs in special industries​

Unique turnkey solutions​

Pressing of thermobaric explosive and welding, riveting in explosive environment​

Customised solutions​

Customised production of special devices according to customer requirements​

Explosive environment​

Machines for production of pyrotechnic initiators, explosives pressing, quality control, etc.​

Ammunition production

Complete production lines of small, medium and large calibre ammunition​