LPP specializes in modular land forces solutions, producing AI-powered UGVs with autonomous navigation for unknown environments. Its C4 systems include BMS, BFT, and ARTS, enabling seamless command and control. LPP produces vetronics like CDT, IDT, CDU, and DDU, integrated into Czech Army platforms. It also develops inertial navigation units for GNSS-denied areas and a predictive diagnostics system using AI algorithms.

Unmanned Ground Vehicle

HORNET UGV with autonomous navigation and mission planning application

C4 ISR Systems

Battle Management System, Artillery Locator System, and Blue-force Tracker for enhanced situational awareness

Data Terminals

Commander & Driver Display Units, and Central & Integration Data Terminals

Inertial Measurement Units

Navigation in GNSS-denied areas for both ground and aerial moving objects

Predictive Diagnostics

Diagnostic units with predictive system for effective logistics planning and cost optimization


ARCHER-LPP produces thermal imaging sights, binoculars, night vision devices, and specialized surveillance systems. These are used in rifle scopes, soldier handheld devices, vehicle reconnaissance, and perimeter protection. The company integrates thermal imaging into systems like ARTS for fire control and precision targeting.

Thermal imaging sights

Wide range of monocular and binocular optoelectronic devices

Rifle scopes ​

Powerful shooting using thermal imaging, night vision, or clip-on​

Integration into other systems

Part of proprietary target acquisition and fire control system or detection systems

Night vision devices

From handheld devices, rifle scopes to mountable goggles

Special optoelectronic devices ​

Modular-type optical systems for stationary or vehicular use​


Quantasoft specializes in biometrics using AI aspects such as neural networks and machine learning for video analytics. It develops tools for face recognition, object detection, and behaviour analysis. The company offers three main products – Inspector for forensic analysis, Protector for perimeter protection, and Guardian for access control.


Offline image and video deep analysis with advanced data management for forensic investigations


Live video analysis tool with event detection functions for perimeter protection


Advanced identification and access control system that compares faces with a secure database

Data management

Automatic assignment of metadata and visual attributes to enrolled subjects into the database

Zone designation

Specified area definition in particular camera image for precise subject tracking


Avionfly develops modular integrated avionics with expertise extending to advanced systems like mission computers, EFIS & ESIS units, AHRS, HUMS, SMS, and specialized technologies such as cloud seeding. Avionfly integrated its systems into aircraft like the L-39NG and B-250.

Mission Computer

Integrated information processing system collecting and comprising all aircraft data

EFIS & ESIS units

Multifunctional instruments displaying flight data on a single screen

SMS & Cloud seeding

Control panel and store interface unit for aircraft stores launch and control

Attitude and Heading Reference System

Providing attitude information suitable both for aircraft and drone

Health & Usage Monitoring System

Collection and analysis of aircraft and engine data during and after flight


Comprehensive solutions in the field of unmanned aerial systems. Development and production of drones, ground stations, integration of E/O devices, sensors and data links. The company’s capabilities also include designing, prototyping, and producing UAS including its parts according to specific requirements.

TOOR and TAU UAVs ​​

Small unmanned aerial systems with foldable wings and launching tube

Ground Control Station

Ground station enabling mission planning and control of unmanned vehicles​

Anti-drone systems

Protecting the area from drones by jamming their communications and then neutralising them​

Electro-optical sensors ​​

Integration of sensors such as EO/IR cameras, laser sight and pointer or CBRN sensors​

SWARM ability

Swarm capability allows TOOR and TAU drones to cover larger areas in less time


T-CZ excels in radar, radio communication, and AI-based train safety. The company produces radios and antennas, configures networks, and leverages AI to train anti-collision systems. It collaborates on predictive diagnostics which enhances rail reliability, reduces costs, and aids infrastructure planning with wagon monitoring.

Radio stations & Antennas

Production of both vehicle and base radio stations and special antennas

Anti-collision system

System for track segmentation, hazard recognition, and risk assessment to prevent accidents

Predictive Diagnostics

Train set future state predictions for effective logistics planning and cost optimization

Wagon mileage and map position monitoring

Wagon mileage and map position monitoring

Radar systems

Software production for PSR, SSR, PAR and ADS-B radar systems


2realistic creates applications for converting objects, premises, and map layers into 3D environment. It provides digital twins for real-time monitoring, prototyping, and scenario testing. In aerospace, it implements physical models for mission simulation and debriefing. The company also enhances training by displaying simulated data in virtual or augmented reality.

3D visualization

Creation of applications for converting objects, premises or map layers into 3D environment

Monitoring area in 3D

Digital copy of area, integrated with image analysis for real-time 3D situation monitoring

Digital twin

Digital copy of area for prototyping, simulating events and testing scenarios against realistic circumstances

Simulation and debriefing

Implementation of physical models in 3D environments in aerospace for accurate simulation and debriefing

Data display in VR + AR

Display of simulated data in virtual or augmented reality for enhanced training practices


Streamlining production processes and reducing overheads through industrial automation. More than 30 years of experience in production, assembly, inspection, material flow optimisation and logistics in the enterprise. Producing from single-purpose machines through complex assembly and inspection lines.

Automation of production

Optimising production processes and reducing costs

Pressing of powder mixtures​

Production of automated units in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries

Customised solutions

Customised production of special devices according to customer requirements

Control and production machines for industry

Services for industries such as engineering, automotive, electronics and others

Robotized workplace

Robotization of individual production phases or entire processes


Production automation within the defence industry and the explosive environment under the licence of the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic. Designing machines for the production of explosive parts such as initiators and detonators or ammunition and its components.

Automation of production

Optimising production processes and reducing costs in special industries​

Unique turnkey solutions​

Pressing of thermobaric explosive and welding, riveting in explosive environment​

Customised solutions​

Customised production of special devices according to customer requirements​

Explosive environment​

Machines for production of pyrotechnic initiators, explosives pressing, quality control, etc.​

Ammunition production

Complete production lines of small, medium and large calibre ammunition​

JRJ Solutions

JRJ offers solutions for state defence, including security and military equipment. Specialising in ammunition, weapons, armoured vehicles, aircraft and more, it provides integration of new equipment into existing systems. The company operates under a licence from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

HW & SW integrations

Providing integration of new systems into existing devices

Ammunition & Weapons

Broad range of ammunition from small to large calibres, along with weapons

MRO services

Modernisation, repair and overhaul of land and aerospace equipment

Vehicles & Aircraft

Supplying tanks, IFVs, APCs, MRAPs, helicopters, fighter jets and others

Personal equipment

Complete head-to-toe equipment for law enforcement units